Thank You!

Just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for the generous gifts this Christmas. I felt truly spoilt! I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2021! Take care and Stay safe.

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Light-up Museum!

So we finally got to our outcome… It was a bit of a rocky journey and we had quite a few technical/creative issues, but we did achieve in the end. We had had a few issues making our boxes; with the art straws not holding in place, being different sizes, the joining coming apart etc, […]

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Getting closer!

So, this week has been a busy one. We are frantically trying to finish our outcome (hence unfortunately no pictures as we were so engrossed in working on it!) We have been researching and writing our information text on Anglo-Saxon Artefacts and finding out about one particular artefact to include in our outcome piece. We […]

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Getting a little festive

This week we have begun looking at information writing; in particular Anglo-Saxon arts, crafts and artefacts. The children have chosen an area that interests them and will be developing their research skills to find more about the Anglo-Saxon artefacts, and using this information to then write their own texts for their outcome piece at the […]

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A great Friday.

We have had a good week in Moon Class. This week we have continued to concentrate writing our story openings; including our detailed character descriptions, and ended the week writing our Hot Task. We will then be editing these and creating our best piece of story writing based around the Anglo-Saxon’s. In Maths, we finished […]

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‘The kid who would be king’

So this week we have been using the trailer from the film: ‘The kid who would be king’, to base our writing ideas. We have looked at the characters and the setting, and been looking at effective use of speech between the characters. We have been writing in the first person by submersing ourself in […]

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Anglo-Saxon Time!

This week we started our new experience; ‘Anglo-Saxon light-up Museum’. I am so impressed with how enthusiastic the children have been with our new experience and the learning that they are taking home with them and sharing. We have started to find out about when the Anglo-Saxon’s were around and why they decided to invade […]

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Hillary and Norgay’s Journey

This week we completed our first experience; ‘Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s framed journey’. The children will be coming home with their framed art masterpieces which also contain a QR code as a link to their reports and music work. The children finished writing their reports on the climb and have written these up in […]

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More Explosions!

This week we have continued to work on the layout and grammatical features that Newspaper articles need to include. We have been looking at using adventurous vocabulary in our sentences, as well as direct and indirect speech and formal and informal language. We have started to write our reports following our plans and will continue […]

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Lava time!

This week our focus has been to start looking at our report writing skills. We have begun by identifying the key features and the structure of a report. We then started to think about our own reports and what we will be writing about; identifing the 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where and Why) in other […]

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