So this week has been an assessment week, as well as the week that we have completed our art work and begun work on our animations. Today we completed the animating part of things; using our backdrop and props to take a series of pictures very close together with small movements happening between each one. […]

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A busy week!

We have had yet another busy week where the children have been continuing to write their myths or legends. These are becoming very imaginative and have some interesting twists starting to appear. In maths we have continued our work on fractions; looking at adding them and keeping the denominator the same. In art we have […]

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Getting Arty

This week we have been quite creative. In our History on Wednesday the class divided into two; being Anglo Saxons and Vikings, and then being from the different countries within these. We played a trading game where the Vikings needed to trade their goods with the Anglo Saxons and see what deals they could get. […]

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Our knowledge of the Vikings is increasing as we learn more and more about them this week. We have learnt about their way of life and settling, as well as their raids (they were not actually too bad) and some interesting facts. We have a good understanding of where they came from and why, and […]

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Summer Term!

We have begun to learn about Vikings! This will help us with our new experience which is going to be an Viking Animation! We have begun learning about Vikings; putting them into context from our previous learning of the Anglo Saxons, and looking at where they came from and why. We have also begun looking […]

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Happy Easter!

This week we have been finishing off our science on living things and their habitats by looking at how we can help our local environment. Lots of the children had some lovely ideas of wanting to create a wild garden patch in their own gardens to help hedgehogs and birds that they know of nesting […]

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We are all heroes!

This week we have been working hard on our division methods in maths and trying to learn new ways to tackle questions. This is where we have realised that knowing our times tables really does help! We will continue to be working on this next week as well. Our stories are also coming on really […]

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Bug hunting!

It has been so lovely to have the children back in Moon class. They have come back brilliantly and very quickly settled back into school life and routines; adapting where needed. Getting back to work has been a little harder than normal but we have started well. This week we recapped on our story ideas; […]

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Thank You!

Just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for the generous gifts this Christmas. I felt truly spoilt! I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2021! Take care and Stay safe.

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Light-up Museum!

So we finally got to our outcome… It was a bit of a rocky journey and we had quite a few technical/creative issues, but we did achieve in the end. We had had a few issues making our boxes; with the art straws not holding in place, being different sizes, the joining coming apart etc, […]

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